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Equipment: Portable Medical Refrigerator
Equipment Type: Refrigeration Plant -> Others
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Post Time: 2016-03-28
Main Features: Advanced electronic cooling technology, no pollution, extended life, portable, and simple to use Utilizes the world’s smallest miniature rotary compressor Streamlined shape, bright colors 15L of effective refrigerating volume Programmable temperature control Micro computer controller Fast cooling speed Low noise
Description: A quality medical refrigerator is an essential part of providing safe healthcare, especially in the case of portable units. A consistently cooled medical refrigerator is critical in transporting pharmaceuticals safely. The advancement in technology of portable medical refrigerators has opened new doors in the area of on-site medical care. With a dependable medical refrigerator, medical specialists can treat more patients in disaster areas for longer periods of time. Specialists can use portable medical refrigerators to go on site and administer disease-control serums to those in remote locations that don''t have access to medical facilities. With the right choice in medical refrigeration, the possibilities are endless. Portable medical refrigerators are ideal for medical applications and suitable for transporting vaccines, blood, serums and other medicines. The micro-compressor technology extracts the warm air, drawing it out of the unit, and operates on AC or DC voltages.
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